Urban Studies: Special Issue, September 2000


Intelligent Urban Development: The Emergence of ‘Wired’ Government and Administration


Guest Editors: Margaret Grieco, Len Holmes and Stephen Little


1. Jeff Turner, Len Holmes and Frances C. Hodgson
Intelligent Urban Development - An Introduction to a Participatory Approach

2. Chris Charter and Margaret Grieco
New Deals, No Wheels: Social Exclusion, Tele-options and Electronic Ontology

3. Mahizhnan Arun and Mui Teng Yap
Singapore: The Development of an Island and Social Dividends of Information Technology

4. Julian Hine, Derek Swan, Judith Scott, David Binnie and John Sharp
Using Technology to Overcome the Tyranny of Space - Information Provision and Wayfinding

5. Paul Corrigan and Paul Joyce
Reconnecting to the Public

6. Perry Morrison
A Pilot Implementation of Internet Access for Remote Aboriginal Communities in the 'Top End' of Australia

7. Kerry Hamilton and Linda Jenkins
A Gender Audit for Public Transport: A New Policy Tool in the Tackling of Social Exclusion

8. Mark Stubbs, Mark Lemon and Phil Longhurst
Intelligent Urban Management: Learning to Manage and Managing to Learn Together for a Change

9. Stephen E. Little
Networks and Neighbourhoods: Household, Community and Sovereignty in the Global Economy

10. Pascale de Berranger, Mary C. R. Meldrum and Justin O’Connor
The Development of Intelligent Local Clusters to Increase Global Competitiveness and Local Cohesion: The Case of Small Businesses in the Creative Industries

11. David Crowther
Corporate Reporting, Stakeholders and the Internet: Mapping the New Corporate Landscape

12. K. W. Axhausen
Geographies of Somewhere: A Review of Urban literature

13. Stephen Denning and Margaret Grieco
Technology, Dialogue and the Development Process

14. Kenneth I. MacDonald
Use and Valuation: Information in the City