A toolkit for e-collectivism


The BBC World Service is an important resource in creating e-voice capabilities: a demonstration of the ways in which BBC resources can be harnessed by grass root organisations at very little cost is given through the links immediately below.

An e-voice: the potential for challenge from Africa:
a BBC broadcast by Professor Nana Apt (virtual voyager on the Odyssey 2000 and host of next year's Odyssey in Accra, Ghana), Centre for Social Policy Studies, University of Ghana, Legon. Nana provides an important analysis of the plight of street children in Africa: further materials can be obtained at http://www.geocities.com/african_alternatives/streetchildren.

Challenging the global order E-voices from BBC invited guests

 The New Europe: the Internet in Europe A BBC broadcast on e-opportunities for communication with a musical twist.

A runaway world: Anthony Giddens as Reith Lecturer A set of lectures on Globalisation delivered by Anthony Giddens, Director of the LSE. A possible critique of these lectures is that the protocol of delivering them in a range of elite global locations reinforced rather than reduced hierarchy. Locating the lectures in e-space can assist in reversing this dynamic. Debate the issues involved in globalisation with Anthony Giddens through your e-voice

E-collective practices: the existing evidence:

E-collective practices: the tools

Models and Approaches in e-collectivism