Relational Skill and Electronic Communication:
Ithaca Workshop, 1st - 14th August 1999

UNL/Aston Virtual Working Group on Relational Skill

Venue: 205 Thurston Avenue, Ithaca, NY, 14850

Contact telephone: +1 607 257 3418

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Emergent Ontologies - Virtual Field Trips

Members in attendance at Ithaca

(NB details as at August 1999; see main Odyssey Group website for more recent information)

Mr Chris Carter (UNL)
Dr Steve Conway (Aston)
Mr Dave Crowther (Aston)
Dr Anne-Marie Greene (UNL/ Aston)
Professor Margaret Grieco (UNL)
Mr Len Holmes (UNL)
Dr Dian-Marie Hosking (Aston)
Dr Steve Little (Open University)

This is the present core of our membership, however, we are using this website to put out an open call for new virtual members. Physical workshop places for this year's working meeting in Ithaca, New York State, have all been taken - virtual places are still open. You may join as a virtual member of this year's meeting by one or more of three methods:


Virtual Voyagers

Welcome to colleagues who join us as 'virtual voyagers' on our electronic odyssey

Bill Slack, Aston Tele-Projects ( )
Professor Stewart Clegg, Director, Collaboration Research Group, University of Technology, Sydney
( )
Pascale de Berranger, Manchester Metropolitan University ( )
Miriam Green, Senior Lecturer, Organisation Studies, University of North London ( )
Jeff Turner, Research Fellow, Department of Planning, Manchester University ( )

Workshop Logic

At this year's workshop, the core members will each be presenting work-in-progress within the area of Relational Skill and Electronic Communication for discussion by the rest of the Working Group. These papers will be available on-line and comment from interested e-colleagues can be directed to the author of each of the papers through their respective e-mail address.


Preliminary Schedule of Presentations

For the first 5 days of the meeting, core members will make site visits to key skill locations in upstate New York. In particular, site visits will be undertaken to vineyards and the glass production facilities. Currently, Steve Little, Len Holmes and Margaret Grieco are engaged in a comparison of winemaking skills in South Africa and upstate New York, with a focus on changing technology and social transformation.

6th August - Len Holmes (UNL): Len will discuss three key areas of Relational Skill:

6th August - Anne-Marie Greene (UNL/ Aston): Anne-Marie will discuss three key areas of Relational Skill:

7th August - Steve Little (Open University): Steve will invite discussion on his manuscript:

7th August - Dian-Marie Hosking (Aston): Dian-Marie will discuss two key areas of Relational Skill:

8th August - Steve Conway (Aston): Steve will discuss recent developments in his long-standing research into:

8th August - Chris Carter (UNL): Chris will discuss:

9th August - Dave Crowther (Aston): Dave will discuss:

9th August - Margaret Grieco (UNL): Margaret will discuss two key areas of Relational Skill:


Writing Sessions10th-14th August:

Core members will be undertaking joint writing, revision of existing manuscripts, joint editorial sessions on a number of projects. Virtual contributions to any of these exercises will receive proper attribution.


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Ithaca, upstate New York, is not to be confused with the island kingdom of Odysseus, off the west coast of mainland Greece. It is, however, the home of our own electronic odyssey.

From Homer's Odyssey:
Aegyptius, a man bent double with age, and of infinite experience, was the first to speak ...
"Men of Ithaca," he said, "hear my words. From the day Ulysses left us there has been no meeting of our councillors until now; who then can it be, whether old or young, that finds it so necessary to convene us? Has he got wind of some host approaching, and does he wish to warn us, or would he speak upon some other matter of public moment?"

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